Master your unique conversational experience

Crafting conversational experiences that truly resonate with your brand's identity has never been easier. Actionable AI provides the tools necessary to fully customize your AI assistant, ensuring a unique conversational experience that perfectly aligns with your app or website's aesthetics and functionality.

Whether you're deploying the Alan AI Chat or a voice assistant, Actionable AI empowers you to personalize every aspect of your AI assistant, from its behavior and appearance to its voice and the wake word.

Choose Your Ideal
Assistant Mode

With Actionable AI, you have the freedom to choose from the Alan AI Chat or voice AI assistants based on your application's needs and user experience design.

Pick the right assistant type to increase user engagement and satisfaction, enhance your app's overall usability and user retention rates.

Tailor Your Assistant
to Your Needs

With Actionable AI, you have full control over every aspect of your AI assistant's behavior, from the type of user input it accepts – whether it's text, voice, or both – to the voice type, accent, pitch, and speed.

Stand out from the competition and drive business growth by offering a unique, immersive, and delightful AI experience like no other.

Customize UI/UX

Alan AI Studio offers a myriad of options - over 25 - to customize your AI assistant's appearance including logos, color schemes, button positioning, and even chat window dimensions, ensuring visual integration with your app or website.

Achieve visual cohesion and consistent brand identity by adjusting your AI assistant's visual attributes with ease.

Choose a Custom
Wake Word

Actionable AI provides the ability to replace the default  wake word with one that reflects your brand, offering another layer of customization that truly makes the AI assistant yours.

Emphasize your brand identity with a custom wake word, ensuring brand recall with every interaction.

Leverage Cohorts
for A/B Testing

With Actionable AI, you can seamlessly  create and test different versions of your AI assistant tailored for specific user groups. The cohorts functionality allows you to dive into efficient A/B testing, enabling you to optimize performance and provide a personalized experience to each user group.

Use cohorts for continuous improvement of your AI assistant based on real user data.

Why Customization with Actionable AI Matters?


Instantaneous updates

Changes made in Alan AI Studio are instantly applied to your Actionable AI assistant,  eliminating app redeployment needs and reducing time-to-market.

Brand integration

Customizing your AI assistant's visual and auditory aspects ensures a unified brand experience, leading to enhanced user engagement.

Improved user experience

A tailored Actionable AI assistant improves user experience, resulting in increased user engagement and app or website usage.

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