Choose Your Ideal
Deployment Scenario

The Actionable AI Platform adapts to your needs, regardless of your business size, industry or specific requirements. We offer multiple deployment options to ensure that your AI assistant aligns seamlessly with your infrastructure requirements, security protocols and operational practices.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a cloud-based setup, the full control of an on-premises deployment or the strategic blend of both in a hybrid model, Actionable AI has you covered.

In the Cloud:
Instantly Accessible and Scalable

As a default, Alan AI Studio operates as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), with all the essential components securely housed and maintained within the Alan AI Cloud.

This pre-configured, fully managed solution offers an effortless entry to the realm of powerful conversational AI.

  • Zero-configuration setup: There's no need for lengthy initial configurations or setup procedures. The platform is immediately available for use upon access.
  • Automatic resource provisioning: Alan AI autonomously provisions resources, reducing time spent on setup and management.
  • Managed service: Actionable AI is a fully managed platform, eliminating the need for you to allocate resources for maintenance or updates.
  • Auto-scaling: The platform comes with built-in auto-scaling capabilities, capable of handling an expanding user base up to millions.
  • Data isolation security: Alan AI utilizes dedicated virtual machines and containerization technologies to ensure data is isolated and secure from external threats.
  • Robust encryption: We follow industry-standard encryption practices to secure data during transit and at rest.
  • Instant updates: The platform is updated regularly, providing users with the most recent features and improvements without requiring manual updates or patches.

On Premises:
Complete Control and Compliance

Opt for an on-premises deployment if your organization requires Alan AI services and instances to run locally within your own data center or private cloud. This option affords complete control over resources and data.

  • Full control: With on-premises deployment, your organization maintains complete control over all resources and infrastructure related to the AI assistant.
  • Existing resources: Deploying Actionable AI on-premises allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure, saving costs related to new hardware or software procurement.
  • Data privacy: All data stays within your own network, reducing the risk of external data breaches.
  • Compliance assurance: An on-premises deployment can help ensure compliance if your organization operates under strict industry regulations.
  • Custom security protocols: Implement your own security protocols tailored to your organization's specific needs, further strengthening the protection of your data.
  • Control over updates: On-premises deployment allows deciding when to apply updates, offering more control over system stability and uptime.

Hybrid Mode:
Optimal Flexibility and Efficiency

Actionable AI supports hybrid deployment scenarios that combine the convenience of cloud services with the security and control of on-premises hosting. Get the flexibility to choose where each component is hosted based on your specific needs.

  • Flexible infrastructure: You can choose which components to host in the cloud and which to keep on-premises, leveraging both your own resources and the cloud's scalability.
  • Scalability: A hybrid deployment allows you to scale up resources on-demand to accommodate high user traffic.
  • Control over sensitive data: By keeping certain services or data on-premises, you maintain control over sensitive data, helping to ensure privacy and meet compliance requirements.
  • Cost efficiency: Reduce costs by utilizing cloud services where they are most beneficial while still leveraging on-premises investments.
  • Rapid innovation: By leveraging the cloud's ability to instantly access new features and updates, you can continuously innovate without disrupting the on-premises portion of your deployment.
  • Security management: Implement custom security protocols for on-premises data and take advantage of robust cloud security measures for cloud-hosted components.

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