Reimagine online shopping with Alan AI

Create a seamless and intuitive shopping environment with Alan AI.

Alan AI augments swipe-and-type interfaces with Actionable AI, making the entire shopping process smooth and effective. Imagine having a personal assistant that:

Offer a superior user experience to your customers and ensure their online buying journey is as delightful as possible.


e-commerce businesses
actively adopting AI


customer service costs cut down
with conversational AI

$13.9 billion

expected market size value
of AI in e-commerce in 2025

Personalized Shopping

Alan AI crafts a unique and personal shopping experience, ensuring that each customer feels understood and catered to. This creates not only a more engaging shopping journey but also helps in connecting the users with the products they truly desire.

Efficient Customer

Ensure that your customers get the help they need when they need it. By instantly addressing queries, handling complaints, and providing detailed product information, , Alan AI enhances user satisfaction and builds a more responsive relationship between the business and its customers.

Seamless Checkout

Alan AI guides users throughout their purchase journey with intuitive and clear instructions, making the process smooth and hassle-free. It significantly cuts down on cart abandonment rates, ensuring that more customers complete their purchases.

Continuous Learning

Unlike static algorithms, Alan AI learns and adapts from every interaction. By understanding user behavior and trends over time, Alan AI ensures that the shopping experience is always improving, staying ahead of user expectations, and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the e-commerce world.

For Online Shoppers

Frictionless shopping journey

Reduce the number of touchpoints in the purchasing process; with Actionable AI helpers, every purchase is only a few interactions away.

Natural conversational experience

Provide a seamless and engaging experience that allows users to communicate with a digital assistant in the same manner they would with a human sales assistant.

Personalized conversations

Make re-ordering quick and easy by receiving recommendations based on previous purchases, saved preferences, and search history.

Multimodal experience

Integrate the power of conversational AI with the app’s or website’s UI to provide customers with a richer shopping experience.

Alerts and notifications

Actionable AI Assistants provide real-time updates and alerts, whether it's the status of an order, potential delays or shipping details.

Customer education

Actionable AI assistants act as an educational resource, providing essential information about products, shipping times, costs, and return options

For E-Commerce Business

Omnichannel sales assistant

Provide a better way to shop and increase selling opportunities with a voice and text AI sales assistant.

Customer retention and engagement

Increase basket size, frequency of customer visits, and customer retention by providing a consistent and pleasurable human-like conversational experience.

Increased brand recognition

Increase brand identification and loyalty with a personalized wake word and a one-of-a-kind conversational experience aligned with your company and app.

Marketing in a new light

Implement successful marketing campaigns and promote products using voice and text announcements.

Faster feedback and reviews

Get customer feedback and product reviews faster to increase the conversion rate and build trust.

Insights into shopping behavior

Gain insights into the shoppers’ experience, research their behavior and check what your customers want with advanced conversational analytics.

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