Drive your restaurant business forward with AI

In an industry where time and customer satisfaction are paramount, Actionable AI sets new benchmarks for service excellence. By seamlessly blending AI and ML algorithms with intricate human-like understanding, Actionable AI assistants manage a wide array of tasks, streamlining order processes, improving customer service and analyzing behavioral data to drive efficiency.

Revolutionize your restaurant operations - use AI to navigate high-volume demands and optimize your resources.


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in AI-powered assistants


share of digital 
booking in the U.S.


average ticket increase for orders 
placed with AI

Engaging and Capturing Customer Experience

Deliver an elevated customer experience, offer swift and efficient service, provide instant, accurate responses to queries and help guide customers through the menu.

Optimized Operational


Streamline a variety of operations - from managing orders and reservations to tracking inventory. Reduce costs, increase productivity and allows your team to focus more on strategic tasks.



Actionable AI assistants work round the clock, ensuring your restaurant runs smoothly at all times.  Enhance customer satisfaction, increase booking opportunities, and ensure a continuous customer engagement.



Gather and analyze valuable data, get insights into customer preferences, peak business hours, popular dishes, and more.

For Customers

Engaging customer experience

Exceed client expectations by providing a friendly conversational experience available 24/7 with no wait times.

Hassle-free interactions

Empower customers to swiftly place orders and make reservations, reducing the need for navigation through complex screens and menus.

Error elimination

Reduce the chances of human errors, making the 
food ordering process more efficient and accurate.

Customer self-service

Allow customers to self-serve any queries like locating the nearest restaurant or tracking orders in real-time.

Feedback collection

Offer surveys and gather feedback on any menu improvements - all in a smooth, interactive manner.

Personalized recommendations

Offer personalized food and beverage recommendations based on previous orders or customer preferences.

The Restaurateurs & Business

Enhanced service

Offload daily, routine tasks to an Actionable AI assistant and have your experienced staff focus solely on their guests.

Customer retention

Deliver a faster, more convenient and personalized service to increase user loyalty and prevent customer churn.

Intelligent upselling and cross-selling

Pull up past favorites, suggest similar dishes based on customer’s preferences or dietary restrictions and communicate ‘Specials of the Day’.

AI for ads and promos

Leverage conversational AI as a new advertising channel to promote, educate and entertain customers.

Insights & analytics

Analyze major conversational metrics and dive into customer queries to improve service and make truly data-driven decisions.

Brand reputation

Attract new customers, retain existing ones, and give you a competitive edge in the increasingly digital world of dining.

For Personnel

Efficiency and accuracy

Speed up order processing, prevent errors driven by incorrect information input and reduce customer complaints.

Training and onboarding

Leverage a friendly, intuitive conversational AI experience to expedite employee onboarding and training.

Hands-free experience

Improve food safety and hygiene standards with a contactless interface, promoting a safe and sanitary environment.

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