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Unleash the power of AI in healthcare with Alan AI - your partner towards better, faster, and more personalized healthcare experiences.

Alan AI empowers healthcare providers to effortlessly integrate Actionable AI assistants into their websites and apps, transforming the dynamics of patient engagement and service delivery. Ensure patients obtain the data they need within moments, provide fast, accurate and hassle-free services - and pave the way for an enhanced, user-centric healthcare journey.


users accessing medical data
using AI assistants

$ 14.6 billion

market size value
of AI in healthcare in 2023

$ 102.7 billion

expected market size value
of AI in healthcare in 2028

Proactive & Empathetic

Actionable AI assistants emulate human interactions, offering personalized, empathetic communication to make patients feel important and cared for.



Actionable AI assistants offers voice and text interactions, creating an accessible and accommodating user experience for all patients, regardless of their individual abilities.

Seamless Navigation and
Data Access

Alan AI streamlines the UI for patients and clinicians, allowing them to swiftly access crucial information through voice or text and navigate  through apps or websites  with ease.


Alan AI relies on your own datasets and leverages contextual Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) to provide the most relevant responses and deliver precise solutions to users' queries.

For Patients

Assistance with medication adherence

Manage prescriptions, receive medical reminders and arrange appointments with ease


Access health records at any time, track wellness data and self-monitor their health

Instant access to test results

Relieve stress  by accessing results  instantly over the voice or text channel

Emergency assistance

Get immediate access to ‘call for help’ functionality in health emergency situations

Patient education

Get quick medical advice and improve health with helpful tips and recommendations on a diet, nutrition plans and a better lifestyle

Health assessments

Take surveys with compassionate dialogues and assess symptoms without seeing health care providers

Automatic prescription renewal

When a prescription is ready to expire or a refill is required, request a new one

Improved patient engagement

Streamline workflows and trigger traditional multi-click processes with one text or voice command

Privacy and confidentiality

Prioritize data privacy and security, fostering trust and confidence among patients using Alan AI
actionable assistants

For Physicians and Healthcare Providers

Natural and intuitive interface

Enable hands-free communication, intelligent routing and sanitary and efficient data entry

Less overhead

Reduce administrative burden and burnout from working after-hours, freeing more time for patient care and generating extra revenue

Improved access to information

Quickly retrieve patient information - vital signs, medications, allergies, medical and surgical histories - with a simple “Show me” command

Ease of form filling

Update patients’ notes and medical records on the go with highest accuracy and eliminate issues such as indecipherable handwriting

Engaging CX

Attract new clients while retaining existing ones
with natural language conversations

Improved clinical workflows

Improve care interactions and discharge planning by reducing appointment cancellations and no-shows

Efficient data management

Use intelligent conversational AI to manage high volumes of incoming patient queries

Quick access to medical literature

Search and retrieve medical literature swiftly, helping physicians stay updated with the latest medical research and guidelines

Cost efficiency

Reduce operational costs and increases efficiency in healthcare delivery.

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