Unlock hidden insights with conversational analytics

With Alan AI Analytics, you can monitor, analyze, and refine your conversational experiences with ease. Alan AI Studio provides a comprehensive view of aggregated conversational statistics across all dialog sessions, enabling you to gain an intimate understanding of your target audience, their behaviors, and their interactions.

Committed to privacy and security, Alan AI ensures user anonymity while delivering invaluable insights. With all the data at hand, you can transform these insights into actionable strategies to optimize your conversational AI and create highly personalized user experiences.

Access All Insights
in One Platform

With Actionable AI, you don't need to rely on separate tools for conversational statistics analysis. Our platform provides a centralized solution that offers a comprehensive view of all your conversational insights and metrics in one place.

Streamline data analysis, make data-driven decisions and take actions faster with Alan AI Analytics.

Optimize User

Alan AI Analytics provides numerous conversational metrics, patterns, and user interactions analysis to let you dive deep into user engagement, sentiment and preferences.

Utilize data-driven insights to optimize your AI assistant's responses, refine its conversational style and align it more effectively with user expectations.

Capture Rich User

Alan AI Analytics offers the capability to analyze diverse data types, including voice and text inputs, recorded audio of user requests and app screenshots taken as they interact with your AI assistant. These settings are configurable, allowing you to adjust them according to your specific needs and requirements.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of user interactions with your AI assistant, instantly.

Swiftly Address Unhandled Requests

With Alan AI Analytics, you can analyze each and every phrase in the dialog and quickly identify unhandled requests. This technology allows you to improve the conversational experience in seconds by identifying gaps, refining responses, and providing more accurate and helpful interactions.

Enhance user satisfaction in no time, build trust and establish your AI assistant as a valuable and reliable resource for your customers.

User Privacy

Actionable AI prioritizes user privacy by anonymizing conversational data while providing detailed insights. Our platform ensures user anonymity and preserves personal details, maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.

Assure your customers that their personal information remains confidential and secure.

Why Alan AI Analytics?


Faster Iterations

Alan AI Analytics accelerates the development cycles, leading to quicker updates and faster iterations of the
conversational AI assistant.

Continuous improvement

Alan AI Analytics empowers you to track the performance of your AI assistant over time, enabling continuous improvement and adaptation to changing user needs and preferences.

User-centric design

Alan AI Analytics aligns the development process with user preferences and behaviors, fostering a user-centric design approach, leading to higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

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