Innovate support & onboarding with Alan AI

Transform the way you interact with customers and welcome new team members with Alan AI.
Experience unmatched efficiency in customer support, service and personnel onboarding, all tailored to meet the unique demands of your business.

Customer Support

Provide instant, personalized support that feels human and aligns with your brand's voice.

Intelligent question answering

Alan AI leverages your corporate knowledge base, providing on-brand answers.

Routine queries automation

Let Alan AI handle routine queries, freeing up human agents to focus on complex issues.

24/7 availability

Alan AI assistants are always available, providing round-the-clock support and immediate response.

Instant ticket creation

Enable instant creation of support tickets via the Alan AI Chat, connecting users quickly with the right human agents.

Personnel Onboarding

Accelerate the onboarding process with customized interactions and real-time assistance.

Accelerated onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process with AI, helping your team to start strong and fast.

Comprehensive training

Offer interactive and multimedia training, enabling a seamless learning curve.

Real-time assistance

Alan AI assistants are always there, answering queries and guiding new hires as they settle in.

On-Demand training materials

Provide instant access to company training content and resources, enabling new hires to learn at their own pace.

Alan AI vs. the Rest

Actionable AI

  • Security and privacy by using your own private data sources
  • Advanced semantic search and question answering for more nuanced and in-depth answers
  • User engagement with rich media, including visuals and interactive elements
  • Seamless integration with your UI, APIs and DBs for a cohesive user experience
  • Accessible to users with disabilities, ensuring that support is available to all
  • Free-flowing, natural dialogues without rigid dialog scripts
  • Fast, low-code integration and instant first launch



  • Risks security and privacy due to non-exclusive data usage
  • Relying on basic algorithms, less sophisticated answers, lacking depth and nuance
  • Limited data formats without visuals or interactive elements
  • Complex integration, difficulties in linking with existing systems
  • Limited support to users with disabilities, affecting inclusiveness
  • Rigidly scripted conversations, requiring much time to arrive at answers
  • Time-consuming initial support and launch, delaying benefits

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