Turn your data
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The Generator API offered as part of the Actionable AI Platform is an advanced tool to deliver in-depth reports, data analyses, trend forecasts and more.  Leveraging the power  of Generative AI, it enables processing semi-structured data like JSON and transforming it  into visually attractive and comprehensive data presentations.

Deliver Comprehensive
Data Reports

The Generator API effortlessly extracts valuable information, identifies patterns, and derives meaningful conclusions using raw data presented to it.

Unlock hidden opportunities, optimize operations and drive strategic growth like never before.


The Generator API is capable of analyzing large volumes of data with  exceptional speed.

Deliver insights faster and drastically reduce the time between data collection and decision-making.

Streamline Data

With the Generator API, you can convert raw data into visually engaging presentations that simplify complex data interpretation.

Equip your team to make well-informed decisions even when dealing with complex datasets.

Enhance Your Data

Actionable AI promotes better data governance by structuring and organizing your data, enhancing its accessibility and usability.

Ensure data consistency and enhance trust in your business's data management capabilities.

Elevate User

With the use of Generative AI technology, Actionable AI offers a more interactive and engaging way for customers to interact with your data.

Deliver data insights in a human-like manner that sparks curiosity, understanding and action.

Why Reporting with Actionable AI?


Effortless data handling

The Generator API seamlessly integrates with existing data sources and eliminates the hassle of dealing with complex data structures, making it easy to bring in data for report generation.

Data security

The Actionable AI Platform is built with data security in mind. It adheres to strict security protocols, ensuring that your data is protected at all times.

Cost-effective solution

With its swift report generation and insightful analysis, Actionable AI saves you resources, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

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