Securityby design

At Alan, we’re uncompromising on privacy. Alan Actionable AI platform processes text/voice conversation in real-time and uses this data to improve the application experience for your users. As the platform is used, the experience and accuracy will improve for users, but the data will stay private to your application and enterprise. Our patent pending AI techniques do real-time learning on your users' text/voice conversation data and context to improve the text/voice conversation experience only for your application.

In addition to providing the privacy for your conversations from the get-go, we ensure your application data is encrypted when in transit and while at rest. Here’s how we do it:

Your enterprise owns the data

Your App's text/voice conversation experience is fully isolated in its own virtual environment

Data is encrypted in transit and in storage

Alan Actionable AI ensures your data is secure by using encryption, private keys, isolation of data and execution for each application and by leveraging the secure infrastructure provided by our Cloud Platform. Thus Alan Actionable AI is secure by design.In addition, Alan has signed up the leading security vendor, Rapid7, to provide regular security audits of the service. For the results of the most recent security audit we have on file from Rapid7, please send an email request to