Fast-Track Conversational AI Design

Alan AI Studio, a powerful, web Integrated Development Environment (IDE), was crafted to streamline and expedite the process of conversational AI design. Actionable AI offers a rich ecosystem of state-of-the-art tools designed to enhance productivity and facilitate every stage of the development cycle, from code writing to testing and debugging, to rollout and analytics.

Alan AI Studio significantly shortens the development cycle, enabling your conversational experience to go from development to validation and delivery in mere minutes.

1. Write and Review

With Alan AI Studio, coding becomes an effortless and efficient task. Our web-based IDE is designed to let you craft intricate dialogues for any website or app using the powerful and flexible JavaScript. Make the most of our advanced feature set and customize the editor to align with your unique preferences:

  • JavaScript-based dialog design: Build dialogues of any complexity for versatile applications, powered by the flexibility of JavaScript.
  • IntelliSense and syntax highlighting: Enhance code quality and productivity with integrated IntelliSense and smart syntax highlighting capabilities.
  • Personalized editor experience: Adjust code editor settings to create an optimal and personalized user experience.
  • Global 'Find and Replace': Effectively make amendments across all dialog scripts with our extensive 'Find and Replace' tool.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Accelerate your productivity with handy keyboard shortcuts.
  • Flowchart visualization: Gain a comprehensive understanding of dialogue scenarios through intuitive flowchart visualization.

2. Test and Debug

Enhance your testing and debugging workflow with Alan Studio. Alan AI provides a robust testing environment equipped with an intuitive suite of automated testing tools. Ensure the seamless performance of your dialogues, simulate real-time in-app experiences, closely monitor dialog state information, and expedite your debugging cycles, making issue detection faster and more efficient.

  • Debugging Chat: interact with your AI assistant, validating short conversational paths and testing user request handling.
  • Automated test cases:  cover a large number of conversational turns, quickly identifying and rectifying any potential.
  • Alan Studio Logs: deeply understand input, output, and unhandled phrases in the conversation, capture errors, and gain a comprehensive view of your AI assistant's functioning and performance.
  • Alan’s Playground:  test how the conversational UX behaves directly on-device, in the app.
  • In-app experience simulation: adjust config data, visual context, and even call API methods from within the code editor, mimicking the user environment accurately for robust testing.

3. Collaborate and Manage

Alan AI Studio is designed with collaboration and teamwork at its core.  Its features enable seamless workflow integration, empowering teams to work together and enhance productivity throughout the entire development lifecycle.

  • CI/CD strategy implementation: allow for rapid, iterative development and continuous integration of changes, leading to quicker deployment and more resilient conversational AI solutions.
  • Dialog script import/export: share scripts with other teams, transfer work between projects, or simply want to keep a local copy of your work.
  • Script versioning: monitor changes over time, compare different versions, and, if needed, easily revert to a previous state, ensuring that mistakes or unwanted changes don't hinder your progress.
  • Code comparison tools: understand how your scripts evolve, track changes, spot inconsistencies, and continuously improve your dialogs.
  • Environment setup: create isolated environments to run different dialog versions, effectively manage traffic across development, testing, and production stages.

4. Roll out, Analyze and Iterate

Monitor, analyze and iterate your conversational experiences  in line with your strategic objectives.

Alan AI Studio facilitates the continuous refinement of your AI assistant. It offers a comprehensive suite of analytical tools to gain a nuanced understanding of user behavior and optimize user experience across various platforms and environments.

  • Cohort division: Construct an adaptable AI assistant by controlling rollouts and creating tailored versions for different cohorts.
  • Configuration options: Customize your AI assistants  to ensure they align with the needs and expectations of users across different environments.
  • Conversational metrics: Harness the power of comprehensive user behavior analysis to understand how users interact with your AI assistant.
  • Detailed data view: Drill down into aggregate data, dialogs, intents, patterns, and entities to understand your customers’ behavior.
  • Context analysis: Capture the actual audio of users’ request and understand the visual context being active at the moment of speaking.
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