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Transform your financial services with Alan AI, the complete Actionable AI platform.

Alan AI streamlines banking operations, enabling simple voice and text interactions to handle complex transactions and inquiries, both for clients and banking personnel. Equipped with deep domain knowledge, Alan AI comprehends the intricacies of the banking and financial sectors. And with a strong commitment to security, Alan AI ensures that all transactional data and financial details are securely handled, keeping the integrity and privacy of user information intact.


banks already using
AI technologies

$447 billion

banks implementing AI are projected to save 
by the end of 2023

$64.03 billion

projected global AI
in banking market size by 2030

Simplified Financial

By handling complex queries and transactions using natural language, Alan AI provides a hassle-free banking experience for your customers, encouraging increased usage of your digital platforms.

Enhanced Customer

With 24/7 availability and quick responses, Alan AI improves the customer journey in banking, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Safe and Secure

Alan AI ensures the utmost privacy and security of 
customer data. Because Alan’s AI assistants are built into a secure banking experience, all conversations data and financial details remain private and safe,

Financially Savvy AI

An Actionable AI assistant built with Alan AI is a smart virtual helper that deeply understands the context of financial & banking domains, is able to hold multi-turn conversations and perform tasks of any complexity.

For Customers

Personalized guidance and help

Take advantage of an AI financial assistant capable of serving any request in a personalized and secure manner.

Faster operations

Turn routine financial operations like checking bank accounts, transferring money or paying bills into fast and pleasant conversational interactions.

Proactive notifications

Get notifications about fraudulent activity on your account, suspicious charges and even recurring subscription payments with voice or text alerts.

Advanced insights

Use the voice or text channel to access details about recent purchases, search for transactions and monitor expenses.

Customer service 24/7

Use your existing knowledge base and FAQ to provide financial support, instantly answer banking questions and handle problems around the clock.

Robust data security

Rest assured that your personal information and financial details are handled with meticulous care.

For Banking & Finance Businesses

Enhanced customer relationships

Attract new consumers and maintain existing ones by providing a conversational AI experience that is consistent with your brand.

Proactive sales and marketing

Promote targeted services and showcase products via voice and text communication channels.

Accurate recommendations

Assess unique consumers' demands to provide appropriate feature and product recommendations at the proper moment.

Immediate customer feedback

Collect feedback and run surveys via voice or text AI assistants to provide a superior financial service.

Back-office operations speed-up

Take pressure off the banking support team and automate common tasks, offloading them to customer self-service.

Employees education & training

Provide a ‘single point of reference’, allowing staff to access internal resources, procedures and regulatory documents in a matter of seconds.

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