Get quick answers
with AI-powered Q&A

The Question Answering (Q&A) service is your next-generation knowledge companion. It transforms existing information resources, such as website pages, documentation, FAQs and more, into a responsive text corpus that forms the backbone of your AI assistant. When queried, your AI assistant searches the created text corpus, providing instantaneous, contextually accurate answers.


Leverage the Power
of Generative AI

The Q&A service leverages Alan AI’s state-of-the-art Generative AI technology. By dynamically generating responses based on user queries, it ensures a human-like interaction experience.

Drive improved customer engagement with conversational experiences that feel natural and intuitive.


Speed Up Data Access
with Semantic Search

Actionable AI assistants employ semantic search to probe your text corpuses, ensuring they returns relevant and comprehensive answers every time.

Streamline information retrieval and bolster your decision-making processes with accurate, relevant insights.


Capitalize on Your
Data Assets

The Q&A Service utilizes your own organizational data as its knowledge foundation, ensuring reliable and accurate responses.

Turn your data into a teaching tool, maintaining a high level of credibility in the information it provides.


Handle All Data Types
with Ease

Alan AI’s Question Answering can handle PDFs, plain text, and web content, making it versatile and easy to use.

Work with different data sources without worrying about format issues.


Get Instant Answers
for Quick Decisions

With its Generative AI capability, Actionable AI transforms complex information into visually striking, dynamic content. Our platform adeptly handles not just text, but also links to resources, images, formulas and more, for a rich, comprehensive data presentation.

Empower your customers with the ability to interact with data, unearth key insights, and make informed decisions.

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Why Choose Our Q&A?


Less coding needed

The Actionable AI Platform handles the complex tasks of data ingestion and response generation. You spend less time on coding and more on delivering valuable experiences to your users.

Flexible response modes

We give you the flexibility to deliver answers in the most convenient form: text, voice, or a programmatic response that seamlessly integrates into the ongoing dialog.

Adjustable scraping

The Q&A service provides the flexibility to define your content scraping depth, empowering you to dictate how thoroughly your resources are parsed.

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