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What is Actionable AI?

In today's digital landscape, AI adoption is a strategic need. Discover Actionable AI, Alan AI's all-in-one platform that combines the latest advancements of AI technology to propel your business forward.

With Actionable AI, you can swiftly build next-gen AI assistants that know your data and workflows from the inside. Seamlessly integrating with any website and app, Actionable AI elevates user experience through natural language interactions in text and voice, speeds up business processes and guarantees unparalleled data protection and security.

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Your Business Advantage with Actionable AI

Offer Instant Solutions
to Any Needs

Offer instant and accurate responses to all customer queries in the most intuitive form — in natural language. Give your users and employees the precise information they need, when they need it.

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Automate Day-to-Day

Leverage Actionable AI to understand user requests and execute tasks within your website or app. Translate user intent into immediate actions to improve productivity and streamline business operations.

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Expedite the User

Use natural language to guide users across your app, fill in lengthy forms and cope with complex workflows. Make navigation in the app or website intuitive and enhance the overall user experience.

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Convert Data into

With Actionable AI, data tasks become straightforward. Turn raw data into actionable insights and generate comprehensive reports that accelerate educated business decisions.

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Enhance Data

Transform complex data into visually striking content, including text, images, maps, links and more. Enable your customers and employees to actively engage with data and extract key insights using natural language interactions.

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Top-Tier AI Stack

Alan AI stands at the forefront, employing the most recent AI technologies and tools to deliver the next generation of conversational AI

Action Transformer

As a bridge between the platform and users, Action Transformer comprehends requests and performs required actions, ensuring user interactions are both efficient and engaging.

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Generative AI

With a solid foundation in generative AI, Actionable AI offers the ability to dynamically produce and adjust content on-demand, setting the gold standard for AI interactions.

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With the power of LLMs, Actionable AI transforms vast data into clear summaries, actionable reports and insights, streamlining decision-making processes for businesses.

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Semantic Search

Designed for depth and precision, Alan AI’s semantic search interprets
queries at a granular level, making each interaction more meaningful
and relevant.

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Semantic Database

Our Semantic DB is engineered for the world of advanced search in conversational AI. It ensures swift and accurate results, aligning with customers’ expectations in real-time.

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API Integration

Alan AI’s tech stack smoothly integrates with your business APIs, enabling effortless data access and action execution.

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The Complete AI Platform


Entire toolkit for dialog design

You get a comprehensive set of tools to build, test and launch AI assistants fast, analyze conversational data and  strategize for future updates

Domain language model

Alan AI recognizes the specialized terminology of your app and domain, constantly enhancing its understanding through user interactions

Context-aware AI assistants

To understand your customers and deliver accurate responses, AI assistants rely on visual cues, user and conversational context

In sync with UI

By smoothly integrating into your UI, AI assistants
align interactions with the app's visuals
to offer a coherent and engaging experience

Connection with your data

Actionable AI integrates with your APIs, DBs
and data sources, bridging data and

Instant launch, fast turnaround

With Alan AI's low-code tools, you can build an initial AI assistant fast, ensuring an instant launch and speedy iterations

Cross-platform support

You only build an AI assistant once to run it
across different operating systems, frameworks, platforms and devices

Advanced conversational analytics

Alan AI provides advanced conversational analytics to let your business derive actionable insights from user interactions,  optimize engagement and streamline user experiences

Built on Trust: Security & Reliability

Private Datasets and Trusted Sources

Actionable AI utilizes your private datasets, including web data, plain text, PDFs, and JSON. Convert your data into a wellspring of truthful responses and maintain a hallucination-free conversational experience.
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Multiple Deployment Options

We offer multiple deployment options to suit every organization’s needs: in the cloud, on premises or the hybrid mode.  Start fast with cloud deployment or bring the AI Platform onsite for better control over data and infrastructure.
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Superior Safety and Privacy

Alan AI employs the latest industry algorithms to encrypt data in transit and at rest, ensuring the utmost protection for your information. We take an extra step to anonymize all data and reinforce our commitment to user privacy.
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Where to start?

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