Turn your data into
rich conversational experiences

Alan AI leverages the power of your data sources to create personalized and dynamic conversational experiences for your apps and websites.  No more hallucination: Actionable AI assistants deliver accurate and trustworthy dialogues, amplifying the value and relevance of every user interaction.

Step into a new world of user experience, where your own data is the foundation of engaging and meaningful interactions.

Ensure Relevance and

Powered by advanced question-answering, generative AI and language model technologies, Alan AI delivers contextually relevant and accurate information, ensuring each interaction is meaningful and reliable.

Enhance user trust and satisfaction with reliable and accurate responses.

Personalize UX
with Your Data

Alan AI crafts unique interactions for every user. By using your own data, it creates highly personalized and engaging dialogues, making each user feel special and understood.

Boost customer satisfaction and engagement for a superior app experience.

Deploy Faster, 

Grow Better

Alan AI offers swift and seamless integration of conversational AI. It uses your pre-existing data to expedite your launch and grow your operations at your pace.

Unlock the benefits of conversational AI at speed and ensure smooth, flexible scalability that aligns with your business's growth strategy.

Leverage Your Data,
Whatever the Format

Our Actionable AI platform is built for versatility, readily supporting a wide array of data formats including web pages, plain text, PDFs, and semi-structured data retrieved from your website, DBs and through your APIs.

Unlock your diverse data assets and effortlessly translate them into vibrant conversational experiences.

Alan AI: Your Data, Your Advantage

In the fast-paced digital world, the difference between chatbots and Actionable AI is more than just technological - it's a matter of ownership and personalization. Where chatbots simply draw upon generic data, Alan AI leverages your business-specific data to create a trustworthy and personalized user experience.

Where to start?

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