Embrace the power of voice 
with Alan AI

Step into the new era of digital interaction with Alan AI's voice assistants.

Pioneering the domain of voice-enabled AI, our voice assistants listen, understand and respond, closely emulating human conversation to provide a natural and intuitive user experience. Unlock unmatched user engagement, improved accessibility, and superior customer service, driving your business towards unprecedented growth and success.

Add a Voice Assistant
in Minutes

With Alan AI, you can swiftly incorporate voice AI capabilities into existing apps or websites. The lightweight Alan AI SDKs allow for seamless integration, reducing downtime and accelerating the transition towards AI-powered communication. 

Translate the immediate integration into efficient business processes and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Engage with Natural Conversations

With Alan AI, you can engage your users through organic, human-like conversations. Alan AI’s voice assistants are designed to understand and respond in a manner that closely mimics human interaction, offering a personalized experience. 

Enhance user engagement and offer a unique customer experience in your app or website.

Choose Your Brand’s Voice

Alan AI allows you to shape your voice AI assistant in line with your brand's unique persona. From the assistant button’s appearance to the voice type, accent, speed and pitch, every aspect can be fine-tuned to resonate with your brand identity. 

Offer your customers a tailored user experience, strengthening your brand loyalty.

Experience User-Friendly Design

Alan AI adds a small draggable button on top of your UI. Our voice assistants are crafted to ensure that even first-time users find it easy to interact, fostering an inviting and inclusive digital environment. 

Boost user engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased customer retention rates.

Embrace All 

Alan AI’s voice assistants aim to make your digital platforms accessible to all. Regardless of physical abilities or technical expertise, users can navigate your app or website with ease using voice.

Connect with a broader audience, fostering a diverse and inclusive user base.

When to Opt for Voice AI Assistants?

Alan AI's Voice offers a distinctive set of benefits that can significantly enhance the user experience and accessibility of your digital platforms:


Voice AI Assistants allow for a completely hands-free interaction, ideal when users are occupied with other tasks.


For users with visual impairments, Voice AI assistants provide an inclusive solution, making your app accessible to a wider audience.

Natural User

Voice AI assistants provide a more natural and intuitive way of interaction that mimics human conversation, enhancing user engagement.


Voice AI processes requests and provides responses faster, saving time for users and increasing overall efficiency.

Ease of 

Voice AI reduces barriers to use, especially for users who find swipe-and-type interfaces challenging, like older adults or young children.

Real-time Assistance

With instantaneous voice responses, users can get immediate answers to their queries, enhancing the service experience.

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