Deploy an AI-powered chat in minutes

Redefine the way you interact with your users - add Alan AI Chat to your website or chat in minutes. 

Built on cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, Alan AI Chat seamlessly integrates into your digital platform and transforms your user interactions into an intelligent, personalized experience.

With Alan AI Chat, your customers can input their queries and receive responses in a natural and intuitive manner. The Chat presents information in interactive formats, captivating users and encouraging them to explore further.

Integrate Rapidly
and Seamlessly

Alan AI offers its lightweight SDKs for various platforms to blend Alan AI Chat into your digital environment effortlessly, minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.

Ensure continuity of your operations and maintain a consistent user experience with Alan AI.

to Your Needs

Alan AI Chat offers extensive customization options, allowing you to seamlessly align it with the aesthetics of your website or app. With 25+ settings, you can effortlessly mold the chat UI to reflect your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Experience the true potential of personalized communication, showcasing your brand's personality through every interaction.

Choose Interaction

Alan AI Chat offers flexible communication with two input  and two output modes - text and voice. It is designed to cater to a diverse user base, accommodating their communication preferences.

Adapt to your customers' needs, enhancing interaction and driving customer satisfaction.

with Voice

With Alan AI Chat, you can give your brand a unique voice. You can select accent, voice type, and even control rate and pitch, offering a bespoke and familiar auditory user experience.

Create a friendly and familiar voice, making interactions more enjoyable.

Present Data

Alan AI Chat is equipped with dynamic data presentation capabilities - it displays complex data through engaging formats such as structured text, links, images, videos, and maps. This approach enhances user understanding and makes data interaction more visually appealing.

Foster a deeper engagement with your users, leading to an improved user experience and higher conversion rates.

The Complete AI Platform

In driving business performance, Alan AI Chat is a prime choice. It is advantageous in several scenarios, facilitating seamless and responsive user interactions.


Alan AI Chat excels when sharing complex information, including images, videos, links, or maps,

High Information

When dealing with dense information, Alan AI Chat serves as an effective tool, simplifying comprehension and reference.


Text-based interactions stand out in public or noise-sensitive environments, where users may prefer text over voice.


For sensitive data, customers feel safer using text-based communication over speaking aloud.


Faster Response

With Alan AI AI chat, users get immediate responses, significantly reducing the waiting time compared to human customer service.



Users can interact with Alan AI Chat anytime, providing a consistent service even outside business hours.

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