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Alan AI’s semantic search system is specially designed to understand and respond to user queries in natural language. It goes beyond the traditional approach of using precise keywords or complex queries, instead implementing a more nuanced approach that understands the semantic content and intent behind user utterances.

The combination of semantic search and the Actionable AI assistant’s abilities to respond in a human-like way while taking appropriate actions enriches user interactions and results in an engaging, intuitive, and satisfying user experience.

in Natural Language

Semantic search allows expressing queries in natural language, ensuring an intuitive and engaging search experience.

Make data exploration effortless and intuitive: enable users to simply ask questions or provide input in a conversational manner.

Leverage Data
from Various Sources

Actionable AI intelligently navigates through a vast array of public data - websites, plain text resources, and even PDFs - to provide precise, contextually relevant answers.

Its capabilities extend to dealing with semi-structured data such as JSON, ensuring a thorough exploration of all information sources.

User Experience

Semantic search provides accurate, contextually relevant search results swiftly, minimizing the time spent in sorting through irrelevant data.

Experience the blend of efficiency and relevancy with semantic search on the Actionable AI platform.

Data Presentation

With semantic search, data is presented in a neatly formatted, visually appealing and organized manner.

Leave behind the hassle of navigating through unstructured information and create an immersive and delightful user experience.

Why semantic search with Actionable AI?


Easy-to-use API

Actionable AI’s user-friendly API ensures a seamless interaction between the Actionable AI Platform and your systems, reducing the complexities associated with implementing new technology.

Real-time updates

Actionable AI is designed to accommodate real-time updates, ensuring you always have access to the most recent and relevant data.

Unlimited scalability

As your data grows in volume and complexity, Actionable AI’s robust architecture can scale up seamlessly to manage the increasing load.

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