Data governance and security

Alan AI handles your data with the utmost precision and protection.
By adhering to the latest best practices in the industry, we ensure that your data remains accurate, accessible, private and always available.

Data governance

Ensure high data quality, consistent management and actionable insights for your company with Alan AI

Private datasets

Utilize your private datasets and information rom trusted sources to ensure your AI assistant is reliable and trustworthy

Alan AI Analytics

Use rich conversational analytics to dive into the customer's behavior, allowing for deeper insights and informed decisions

Data anonymization

Conversational AI data in Alan AI analytics is anonymized to protect individual privacy without losing valuable insights

Data resiliency

Alan AI relies on VMs and containerization to run services in the Cloud, so your workloads are elastic, self-balancing, and self-healing

Data security

Secure your data with comprehensive protection measures, afeguarding against unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities

Privacy by design

Alan AI uses isolated VMs to run conversational experiences in the Cloud, so you maintain sole control over your data

On-premise deployment

Opt for on-premises deployment when regulations demand, keeping data within your internal network

End-to-end encryption

Alan AI encrypts data both in transit and at rest using industry standards to keep your data secure at all times

Regular security patching

By keeping all software and systems up to date with the latest security patches, Alan AI protects against known vulnerabilities

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